Life Under Quilts

"If you have not yet seen this thick and amazing book by Diane Gilleland, please check it out. Let me warn you though, it is HEAVY. (in a good way) Diane covers so many possibilities for EPP-- numerous template shapes and construction methods. Even for someone who's been addicted to doing EPP for years (like me), there are inspiration and ideas in here that I probably never would have stumbled upon, so set was I in my ways." - Jessica Alexandrakis Read full review

Patchwork Posse

"I am so excited to keep the book on the shelf and pull it out whenever I have a question or get stuck. Great to have in my reference library!" Becky Jorgensen Read full review

iHanna's Blog

"I love that it is an idea book, because that means more eye candy and inspiration to me as a reader. I already know how to sew pillows and if I needed too, I could figure out (or google) how to sew an ipad cover...." Hanna Andersson Read full review

Connecting Threads

"For those of us who value the time spent sewing projects by hand, this book is a gold mine of instruction and inspiration! The author thoroughly covers the basics of EPP with well-written text and beautiful step-by-step photographs. Then she expands upon writing one’s own EPP patterns, drafting designs by hand or computer, and working with a variety of shapes beyond the classic EPP hexagon." - Ann Read full review

Hugs Are Fun!

"All Points Patchwork is equally valuable for a complete beginner or a more experienced EPPer. I consider myself quite knowledgable on the subject and still found so much information that I didn’t know or never would have thought about. Diane covers everything – what supplies to use, how to draft your own patterns, how to baste different shapes, different layouts for the shapes, and so, so much more." – Rebecca Greco Read full review

Making It Up As I Sew Along

"One of my favorite things about this book is that it does not assume you want to make a quilt. In fact, it does not assume you want to make anything. What I mean by this is that the book covers the techniques of English Paper Piecing and includes ways of applying it, but it does not include project instructions. Instead, there is a project inspiration page for each shape that is meant to give you ideas. I appreciate this because I rarely make projects from a book or other source as outlined. I prefer to use the ideas and expand on it or put my own spin on it. This book encourages you to do just that." – Carley Bibin Read full review

Shiny Happy World

"All Points Patchwork is a craft book designed for the way most of us actually use craft books. It’s got. . .

  • Instruction! All the information we need, and a lot we didn’t even know we needed – the kinds of tidbits that you pick up from your mother or grandmother, or from years of practice and trial and error.
  • Clear organization with a solid table of contents and index.
  • Beautiful illustrations – terrific photos for all the how-tos and clear diagrams for all the layouts.
  • Inspirational eye candy – also beautifully photographed, and with extra tips for how to take each project in your own direction."

– Wendi Gratz Read full review


"In addition to all else, Diane’s teaching style evokes a feeling of camaraderie; it’s like sitting down with a friend to sew, only this friend has mad skills." - Scarlett Burroughs Read full review

In Color Order

"What makes this book so unique is that it is an idea book vs. a project book. It's full of great project ideas, but the focus is on technique and exploring the process. It is a true resource, and I felt really inspired after reading through it." - Jeni Baker Read full review

Michelle's Romantic Tangle

"Everything I can imagine is included from how to knot the thread and begin and end seams to how to design your own projects with software, or by hand with a protractor, compass and pencil." - Michelle Marr Read full review

Gingerbread Snowflakes

"All Points Patchwork is beautiful to page through - makes your eyes happy! And it is very well organized and easy to follow. But the book's real value is that it is an excellent reference guide for working with all kinds of EPP templates - each chapter chock full of tips and tricks - and as such a book that will be kept in your library for years to come!!!" - Pam Harris Read full review

Wild Olive

"Even after a few years of working with this method, I find that this book is an indispensable resource. I fully expect that my copy will look very worn after a while because I'll be going back to it again and again. " - Mollie Johanson Read Full Review


"All Points Patchwork provides clear, user-friendly, and thorough instructions on how to use English paper piecing (EPP) to create stunning patchwork." - Kaesmene Harrison Read full review